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Benefits of waxing:

Remove unwanted hairHair grows back softer, finer, less noticeable Don’t need to shave

Our hair removal experts use the most effective and comfortable techniques to keep your skin smooth and hair free. We use a very gentle soft wax and Lycon

Eye brow 15 Shoulder 18
Lip (Upper/Lower) 8/6 Chest 35 and up
Brow + Lip 22 Lower Leg 30and up
Chin 10 Upper Leg 28 and up
Brow + Lip + Chin 30 Full Leg 50 and up
Sideburn/Cheeks 15 Half Arm 25
Underarms 20 Full Arm 38
Back 45 and up Basic Bikini $25-$30
Extended Bikini $35-$40 Brazilian Bikini $50-$70

* Please Note…

If you are taking Accutane, Retin-A or any antibiotics, we regret that we cannot perform waxing due to the sensitivity of the skin. If you have rosacea, sunburn, or very sensitive skin, you should refrain from receiving waxing treatment.

* Brazilian wax for clients under the age of 17 will need parental consent.

For bikini waxing, hair growth must be at least 1/4 inches long. If trimming is required, please trim hair to about 1/2 inches long prior to your appointment.