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Shellac, Gel & Acrylic

  • Shellac manicure $35 (refreshing mani)
  • Shellac pedicure $45 (refreshing pedi)
  • Shellac gel polish $25
  • Shellac removal $10 (without service)
  • Shellac removal FREE for another Shellac manicure purchase
  • Acrylic full set $40 ( Regular polish ) add up $10 with gel polish
  • Acrylic fill $30( Regular polish ) add up $10 with gel polish
  • Pink & white acrylic full set $55
  • Pink & white acrylic fill $50
  • Acrylic removal $10 (without service)
  • Acrylic removal $5 (with service)
Nail extension by Hard Gel only (use for people allegic with Acrylic)
  • UV Hard gel full set $55
  • UV Hard gel fill $40
  • Pink & white UV Hard gel full set $60
  • Pink & white UV Hard Gel fill $50
  • UV Hard gel removal $10 (without service)
  • UV Hard Gel removal $5 (with service)
Nail Art
  • 2 fingers $5
  • 10 fingers $10 up $20
  • 3D Acrylic Nail Art- consultation
  • UV Gel Nail Art- consultation
Nails Service Policy

We would gladly repaint your nails with the same color if your regular polish is chipped within 4 days of service but if you would like to change the color then we would have to charge you for a polish change.

If your gel polish is chipped within 7 days of service we can repaint them at no charge with the same color but if you would like a different color we would have to charge you for a gel polish change.

If your polish is chipped within 8-10 days of service we will be happy to fix whichever finger is chipped with the same color.

If you are not happy with your service we will try our best to fix whatever problem that you are unhappy with but regrettably we cannot give you a refund and all sales are final.